• Trump Looms Large Now, but Maybe Not Forever

    by Steve Inskeep

    NPR's Steve Inskeep reflects on the prospect that historical distance will make Trump and Trumpism smaller (and not all-consuming) parts of a story about American society struggling with bigger questions of political, economic and social equality that became increasingly contentious during the Obama era. 

  • American Democracy Was Never Supposed to Work

    by Richard Kreitner

    "Merely ousting Trump is not enough without addressing more fundamental weaknesses in our political system, especially an outdated Constitution that continues to serve a minority of wealthy and white citizens and to curb any movements that might threaten their wealth and power."

  • Against Returning to Normal

    by David Walsh

    Liberal pleas to return to a "normal" defined by bipartisan consensus ignore the long legacy of ideological conflict and the pursuit of division as a political strategy by the conservative movement. 

  • The Wondrous Banality of Democracy

    by John Witt

    A professor of law and legal history volunteered as a ballot counting observer in Pennsylvania and offers a reflection on the unspectacular nature of democracy in action. 

  • 2020 Shows Why the Electoral College Is Stupid and Immoral

    by Jamelle Bouie

    The Times Opinion columnist contents that the electoral college infects American politics with uncertainty and the multiple opportunities to contest the result. This not only is undemocratic, it undermines faith in democracy. 

  • Is this a Slow-Moving Coup?

    by HNN Staff

    As Trump refuses to concede, few Republicans have repudiated his baseless charges of election fraud. Are they indulging a sore loser or starting a coup? 

  • Measuring the Health of Our Democracy

    by Heather Cox Richardson

    Donald Trump saw the fading of his power to control political narratives as news organizations labeled his charges of election fraud as baseless. 

  • Is American Tolerance for Political Violence on the Rise?

    by Bernard Avishai

    Things get dicier when these attitudes bleed into opinions about the legitimacy of a government led by the other side. Only forty-four per cent of Trumpists said that they’d regard a Joe Biden victory as legitimate.

  • Letters From An American, October 31,2020

    by Heather Cox Richardson

    Although efforts to suppress votes and limit participation are causing fear, they are evidence of the strength of democracy and the desperation of a party that feels it can't win fairly. 

  • Hopes for the American Experiment

    by Annette Gordon-Reed

    "Intellectually, I know there is no reason at all to believe in any particular direction of the American future. As we have seen, and been reminded daily to an absolutely exhausting degree, anything can happen. At the same time, in my heart, I have hoped."

  • The American Contest: Featuring Heather Cox Richardson (Podcast)

    Regardless of the outcome of the election, the Supreme Court has already entered a new era. Dahlia Lithwick is joined by Heather Cox Richardson for a big-picture conversation about what that means: minority rule and the court’s role, past and present, in changing visions of democracy. 

  • Our Unrepresentative Republic

    by Mark Boonshoft

    We should understand that plans to add states or end the Electoral College are plans to restore actual representation. Their opponents are defending a system of virtual representation. You don’t have to be a party hack to see these similarities.

  • Yes, Mike Lee, America is a Democracy

    by Jonathan Bernstein

    Mike Lee's insistence that the US is "a republic" and not "a democracy" is a petty distinction that ignores the historically interchangeable usage of the terms in American politics in order to justify undemocratic rule by a minority party.