Barack Obama

  • A Brief History of Presidential Memoirs

    Presidential historian Craig Fehrman says that presidents in the early republican period shunned writing memoirs as vain and self-promoting. The quality of many subsequent presidential books suggests they were on to something. How will the recent first volume of Obama's memoirs be received? 

  • The Case for Religious Progressivism

    by Walter G. Moss

    Those who argue, “We should keep religion out of politics,” are being simplistic. One can more properly cite individuals like Frederick Douglass, Dorothy Day, Martin Luther King Jr., Barack Obama, and Pope Francis who counter that the spiritual and moral values commonly advocated by major religions should inspire our politics.

  • The Obama Presidential Library That Isn’t

    President Obama unveiled the plans for the Obama Presidential Center in May 2017. He said he wanted a place that “looked forward, not backward, and would provide a place to train future leaders.”