• Abolition or Bust: Liberal Police Reform as an Engine of Carceral Violence

    by Charlotte Rosen

    Recent work by scholars including Naomi Murakawa, Jodi Melamed, Elizabeth Hinton, Marisol LeBrón, Simon Balto, Max Felker-Kantor and Alex Vitale show that liberal reforms to policing fail to solve serious problems and reinforce the power and reach of police departments to the detriment of the disadvantaged.

  • The Disgrace of Donald Trump

    by Sean Wilentz

    Trump wants to copy Richard Nixon's "law and order" appeals, but may end up echoing Herber Hoover's violent crushing of the Bonus March movement. 

  • The End of Black Politics

    by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

    The 1960s generation of Black protest demanded a stronger presence in local government. The current protest movement recognizes that presence isn't enough; leaders must advance an agenda that serves their least advantaged constituents. 

  • Viral Consequences

    by David Marks

    The indifferent response of the Trump administration to the COVID-19 pandemic and the repressive police response to protests are a signal that we need a political and social transformation to address the ongoing global climate crisis.